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Monday, April 14, 2003

posted by Jazz at 4/14/2003 04:30:00 PM


Just a brief post today on Syria  Link

It's hard for me to pick a favorite editorial cartoonist from all those available today, but the
current offering
from Tom Toles is quickly pushing him to the top of my list. While the dark humor is amusing, it's also a spine chilling little reminder of what's currently happening with our overseas activities.

A recent entry by Josh Micah in Talking Points Memo will give you a good look at some of the questions being raised over there right now. Reliable media sources inside Iraq indicate that the majority of the "foreign fighters" shooting at our troops are not Syrians, but in fact, Saudis. He rightly asks, "What? No follow-up?"  And yet I just completed a search of CNN's web site and found not one article on this.

I can fully understand how the Bush administration wouldn't want public coverage of this, since we are quite firmly in bed with the Saudis at this point, and nobody wants to rock the boat.  But last time I looked, CNN wasn't being funded by the White House.  I'm rather 'shocked and awed' by the lack of coverage this topic is seeing.  Yet we are more than predictably rattling our sabers at Syria to such a degree that the blades may break free from the hilts.

I'm fully willing to give credit where credit is due.  Only today, President Bush was crowing to the world how the Iraq war had pushed North Korea to tone down its rhetoric and take a more open stance to resolving the issues of the day in that country.  As they say, it's an ill wind that blows no good. If
any of the world's current hot spots find their way to a speedier, peaceful solution of their troubles from some example we are setting in Iraq, then a benefit will have been derived from the U.S. invasion.

This is, however, a dangerous flag to throw on the national political field. A fast victory by the most powerful military on Earth against the antiquated, woefully under supplied army of Iraq could also reinforce a belief in Mr. Bush's mind that a violent resolution to international conflict is a logical
alternative to the first signs of failure in diplomatic efforts.  This is a slippery slope with exceptionally dire consequences awaiting us at the bottom.  Syria and North Korea are not the only possible areas of concern in this matter. Scroll down a bit to see my recent comments on other areas, including Cuba, where we need to keep our eyes wide open.  Being magnanimous in victory is the hallmark of sound judgment.  Using this as an excuse to attack more countries would be a fool's course indeed.