Running Scared: Observations of a Former Republican
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"Losing my faith in humanity ... one neocon at a time."

Sunday, December 21, 2003

posted by Jazz at 12/21/2003 10:09:00 AM


I'm a Dinosaur

It's getting harder and harder to be a Republican. Hell, it's been hard for a long time. Now it's nearly intolerable. The GOP has drifted so far from it's original ideals, the principles that first drew me to it in the seventies, that I can barely recognize it any more. Currently the Republicans are drunk with power and taking inebriated swings at the Democrats while staggering further and further from their founding principles.

We used to be the party in favor of a smaller government that was less involved in the daily lives of its citizens. We were the party that wanted less federal spending and beurocracy, with more power shifted to the individual states and the citizens at large. Most of all, we were the party that actually seemed to believe in the constitution which, quite frankly, the democrats have never been. We've abandoned those ideas like people fleeing a tsunami, and turned into what we used to abhor the most.

When did we become the anti-abortion party? I suppose it was when we decided to be the "big tent" that would welcome in the most rabid, far right wing "christian conservatives" in the nation, providing them a bully pulpit to lambaste the godless liberals. The Democrats came out on top as the pro choice party, when the Republicans, in their original vision, should have been the ones telling the federal government to mind their own damned business. We have now joined in with the Democrats for administration after administration, appointing federal judges who choose to ignore the constitution in favor of what's politically palatable.

This week the Supreme Court upheld the campaign finance laws. It made me sad. Not in terms of the result, mind you. I love the idea of campaign finance reform. It's really great. Unfortunately, you can scour the entire constitution, and nowhere does it empower the federal government to regulate such things. The closest it comes to speaking to this issue is to say that the government shall "make no law" abridging the freedom of speech. Campaign financing, like so many other things, should be settled by the individual states based on the judgment of each of their citizens.

I think things have come too far. I don't see a way back to the core values of the party that won't drive the GOP out of existence. In fact, I don't see a way to ever get the federal government in check and put back in the place designated for it by the founding fathers. I'm left wondering if times like these are the first tremors that lead to revolutions and the eventual failure of large, despotic nation states.