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Thursday, September 02, 2004

What you see and what they get

posted by Jazz at 9/02/2004 04:09:00 PM


Serious Kudos and thanks to Attaturk at Rising Hegemon for turning me on to the following information. (Pictures courtesy of Attaturk.)

As you may know, I've long felt that Dick Cheney is the ultimate mask of evil in our party, and the person pulling the strings of George W. as he leads the GOP down the dead end path to ultraconservative positions. Recently, however, I almost had a glimmer of hope for the Vice Prince of Darkness. When asked in a recent series of interviews about his views on gay marriage, he once again owned up to having a lesbian daughter and said he wasn't personally in favor of a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. He said, as many of us feel, that it's best left in the hands of the individual states.

I'll confess, I had my doubts. I am suspicious by nature, and feared that was just Cheney playing to the moderates in our party while letting the Shrub carry the banner for the homophobic conservatives. My fears may have proved true.

At the convention, we are here provided with two photos of the Cheney family when Dick spoke on Wed. night. Notice the captions provided.

U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney (second from left) waves from the stage with his family (L-R) daughter Liz Cheney Perry holding grandson Phillip Richard Perry, granddaughter Elizabeth Perry, granddaughter Kate Perry, wife Lynne, granddaughter Grace Perry, and son-in-law Phil Perry.

Hmmmm... where's Mary? Oh, there she is. Up there in the crowd.

Mary Cheney, left, daughter of Vice President Dick Cheney, sits with an unidentified guest in Madison Square Garden during the Republican National Convention in New York, Wednesday, Sept. 1, 2004.

Did they really say unidentified guest? I've seen the woman three times total and even I know who that is. If Dick is that hung ho about gay rights all of a sudden, wouldn't Mary's lover be welcome on the platform?

I'd like to fall for their "big tent" story, and think some of the movers and shakers in the GOP are really reaching out for more equality. But this just blows it right back out of the water.