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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Jarvis's Issues 2004 Returns

posted by Jazz at 10/26/2004 01:47:00 PM


This time it's 30 issues in 30 seconds. This is a really fun game. You have to overlook the fact that it's really only fourteen issues, and it would probably take longer than 30 seconds to read all of Jeff's answers aloud. But the point is, there are a number of issues to lay out and you have to give a very brief (one line if possible, but more if you need - keep it short) answer as to where your stand is on each. Read Jarvis's answers, (he and I hardly agree on all of them) and I'll give it a shot here. If you feel inclined, hit comments or e-mail me your own list, and I'll add them on to this post if they look interesting, or start a new one.

Judicial Appointments: Largest reason to not elect Bush. The court is already far too conservative. Nod to Kerry.

The Deficit: STOP CUTTING TAXES UNTIL YOU CUT SPENDING. Nod to Kerry, though typically I think the Democrats are no better at it, if not worse. Clinton was good, though.

Gay Rights: 100%. I'm angry that we even have to discuss it. How about "same rights for everyone, period?" Nod to Kerry.

The Death Penalty: I'm all about the Death penalty. Should be expanded to include serial rapist/torturers and serial child molesters. Nod to Bush.

Freedom of Speech: Pretty much all the time, with the understanding that the normal restrictions must remain in place. e.g. yelling "fire" in the crowded theatre, releasing secrets and the names of spies, etc. Nod to Kerry.

Abortion Rights: I used to be 100% pro choice. Now I want abortion rights in 98% of the cases, but would support restrictions on abortions when the child was old enough to survive on its own if you induced labor and the mother's life wasn't in danger. Nod to Kerry.

Stem Cell Research: All stem cells, all the time. Go through the trash cans of abortion clinics if you have to. HUGE nod to Kerry.

Social Security: I have no idea how it can be fixed, but it certainly has to. Neither man has a plan I believe. Nod to neither.

Immigration: Close the damned borders. Stop talking about giving licenses and voting privileges to illegal aliens. They're called "illegal" for a reason. Not everyone has an automatic right to live here. Bring something of value to the table and make an effort if you want to be a citizen. Nod to Bush.

Israel: I'm sick of the entire area. I respect Israel's right to be a nation. I also respect the fact that the Palestinians want a nation (and used to have one.) I'd like to see us less involved in Israel's affairs. Nod to Kerry.

Gun Control: I support the 2nd amendment, but want a definition of "guns" and "weapons of war." Everyone who remains a law abiding citizen should be able to get a gun, and not be offended if they are asked to register it and have a record of it in case it's stolen. Nobody needs a damned mortar in their house. Nod to Bush.

Trade: Free global trade is a wonderful dream, and should be pushed for where it's possible, while remembering that we have to protect American interests or we'll get slaughtered in a completely borderless global market. Nod to neither. They're both liars on this.

The Environment: Pro-environment, but not to the extent that you harm people's lives in the defense of it. We need more secure wild lands and stricter pollution controls, which we had for a few minutes at the end of Clinton's term, but lost immediately under Bush. Nod Kerry.

The Draft and National Service: Don't want one, but if we have to, make sure it's fairly applied to all people at all economic and "power" levels without all those exemptions, and fair across all other demographics. Nod to neither. They're both in denial about it.

Your turn. Ready? Go!