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Friday, October 15, 2004

Nader's New Slogan: "It's All About Nader"

posted by Jazz at 10/15/2004 01:26:00 PM


As many people have already noted, the NYT today published some rather sobering numbers about the possible impact of Ralph Nader on the election if it remains as tight as it looks.

Mr. Nader will be on the ballots in more than 30 states. Polls show that he could influence the outcomes in nine by drawing support from Mr. Kerry. They are Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Maine, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico and Wisconsin. Moreover, six - Colorado, Maine, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Mexico and Wisconsin - were among the top 20 where Mr. Nader drew his strongest support in 2000. If the vote for Mr. Bush and Mr. Kerry is as evenly divided as the polls suggest, the electoral votes in any one of those states could determine who becomes president.

Nader has lost any last shred of credibility and self-respect that he once had. Let's review - what is Nader's primary claim these days as his rationale for running for office? Answer: he wants to break up the two party system that has a stranglehold on American politics and is all a front for big corporate interests. A noble goal on the surface, I'm sure you'll agree. Now let's look at the reality. Ralph Nader may be a lot of things, but stupid is not one of them. Here are a few things that Nader knows.

- First, he knows that he's never going to be elected president. Geraldo Rivera will be elected president in a special runoff election against Chairman Mao before Nader sees the inside of the Oval Office.

- Second, he knows perfectly well that his statistically tiny support base is drawn almost exclusively from the furthest left fringe of the Democratic party. His core platform shares nothing with the Republicans, and if he is not to be elected, then a Democratic president will better serve his interests.

- Third, he knows that any votes he pulls will be drawn almost exclusively from Kerry supporters who could tip the election in a very close race in some key states.

So, what are we to conclude? The fact that he remains in the race shows that Nader has become nothing more than a hypocrite - a mewling toddler who is so angry at the parental system which won't give him his lollipop that he's going to ensure he covers it in dirt so nobody can eat it. Nader's claims to want a three party system were discredited by his reaction to Ross Perot. His acceptance of huge amounts of Republican (corporate) money to keep his floundering campaign alive put the lie to his blathering speeches.

Ralph Nader isn't interested in getting a third party candidate elected. He's interested in getting Ralph Nader elected, no matter what the cost. And in his anger over his failed political aspirations he's willing to hand the country over to an archconservative president for four more years. This is his mean spirited version of punishing us for not rewarding him.

All of this is a true shame. At one time Nader was an influential man who made a real difference to Americans through is consumer activism. He could have retired from public life when it was obvious that his support was not strong enough to be elected to national office, continuing to work behind the scenes for reform. Sadly, his ego got the better of him and he has devolved into exactly that which he claims to detest.

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