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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Pundit Review

posted by Jazz at 10/30/2004 01:59:00 PM


This afternoon I was able to tune in to an internet radio interview on the show "Pundit Review" where Dean Esmay of Dean's World was the guest. All I can say is, holy cow! If you get a chance to check these guys out, you should. It's hosted by WBIX in Boston, and is apparently a fairly rabid, right wing media outlet. (At the link above you can find internet streaming of their shows. Pretty neat set up from a technical perspective.) Why should you listen? Because, as I've said before, "cocooning" is a bad thing. Here what's being said on both sides so you can not only make up your mind, but so you know what the opposition is saying even if you don't agree with them.

Dean came off pretty well in the interview, but the host was a serious Limbaugh wannabe. There wasn't the slightest attempt to present a balanced analysis of the issues, the election, or the candidates. It was just a twenty minute barrage of Kerry bashing, Michael Moore hatred, (a favorite topic of Dean's it seems) and Swifties loving. I couldn't agree with much of what I heard, but I did feel moved to post these comments at a post about the appearance on Dean's site.

An "interesting" interview to say the least.

First off, you definitely speak well and come off as a thoughtful analyst in interviews. Well done on that score.

I listened, and I just heard you say that you're not a conservative, nor a Libertarian, etc. but that you are, in fact, a liberal. Since you've previously felt entitled to incorrectly call me a liberal (I'm a moderate, and have traditionally leaned toward old school fiscal and social conservative values) I have to call BS. Reading here regularly, you don't just endorse the Iraq war, which is your right. You seem to embrace the full range of Bush domestic and international programs. If you believe in those things, that's fine, and we'll all respect your opinions. However how exactly do you call yourself a liberal? These are theocon agendas.

The radio show is hosted by somebody who apparently is hoping to be Rush Limbaugh when he grows up. Wow, Dean. That interviewer was really objective, getting to the bottom of the story, huh? I missed his first question, by the way. Was it something along the lines of, "Let's be objective and get to the bottom of this, Dean. Which of the reasons that Kerry sucks and is a gay commie sodomite is the biggest one not to vote for him?"

More quotes from the host...

"Reenlistment will drastically decline if Kerry is elected."

(From Dean)"I'd be afraid to enlist if Kerry wins."

"Kerry will just suck the life out of the country. We'll be waiting in bread lines."

... if Kerry wins "we'll be getting attacked by terrorists for the next two decades." (It was going by fast, may have missed a couple words on that one.)

Holy Hannah! That show makes Fox (or Faux) News look almost objective. Fox might not be as bad as I thought.

Another observation: This is an election about Bush and Kerry and the future of the country. Dean, you can't seem to go more than five sentences without mentioning the Swifties or Michael Moore. I don't think it's just me, Dean. You sound like this has pushed you into some serious obsessive compulsive tendencies.

Addendum: I kept listening to the follow-up interview after yours while typing this, and it probably wasn't entirely your fault about the Moore, Swifties comments. The host seems to be even more obsessed with those items. The rather telling thing was, I heard almost zero mention of any current issues of the day that impact this election. Just Kerry bashing, Moore hatred, Swifties love, and being stuck in the past. Oh, and the host of Junkyard Blog (interviewed after you) makes you sound positively rational and unbiased, so all in all, you probably did pretty well.

Update: You may be able to hear Dean's interview later here. They seem to link back to previous interviews and include audioblogging of replays. It's worth a look in any event just to stay in touch with both sides of the current contest. They have a replay of a previous appearance by Dean which is pretty good.