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Friday, October 29, 2004

The Spin Goes Over the Cliff

posted by Jazz at 10/29/2004 01:40:00 PM


The wapo comes up with a story about the larger context of the missing explosives story in Iraq. This is something I've been saying since it broke. The main issue isn't when some particular amount disappeared... it's the fact that we lost a boatload of dangerous explosives which are now in the hands of terrorists and Iraqi resistance fighters and being used against our troops. (Possibly in other locations around the world as well, for all we know.)

So rather than focusing on 380 tons of explosives at one specific area of the Qaqaa site, we are told to reflect on the 250,000 tons of explosives and ordinance that are missing overall. Now, this is some important news, to be sure, but here's the kicker. Rather then being bothered about such a massive amount of loose explosives, some of the right wing blogs are taking this as a moral victory for the President. I suppose if we'd manage to lose some nukes over there, Bush would be nominated for sainthood? The mind truly boggles.

Here you tell us that, rather than our poor invasion planning resulting in the loss of 380 tons of dangerous materials, we in fact let almost one thousand times that amount get loose. How exactly is this good news again?

Let's check in, as usual, with a few right and left wingers to see what's on their minds.

Protein Wisdom also thinks this news is cause for celebration, apparently.

Oh, thank you Intel Dump for showing some perspective. I thought I was losing my mind. "The fact that there are hundreds of thousands of tons of missing ammo ? not just 380 tons ? is not a good news story. If anything, this should make us question the Pentagon and the Bush administration more about its efforts to secure conventional weapons after the Hussein regime's collapse, because it it those weapons (not WMD) that are fueling today's insurgency."

I suppose by now I shouldn't be shocked that Capt. Ed sees this as good news for Bush, though how he can will be a mystery for the ages.

Pandagon has not only some good comments, but some alert commentors who point out how the infamous aerial photos being touted by the right wing blogs have already been discredited.