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Monday, November 01, 2004

Good News May Still Turn to Bad

posted by Jazz at 11/01/2004 05:14:00 PM


I am reminded of a recent quote by the master, James Wolcott.

"But credit where credit is due. The skank can shift ass on a dime."

He was, of course, talking about Ann Coulter, but the same can certainly be said for Bush's Brain, the Evil Doctor Karl Rove. Earlier today, we reported that an Ohio judge had thrown out the Bushies' attempts to slow down the voting process and intimidate voters in largely minority precincts. The usual, frantic process of appeals is moving at light speed, as is the right of both parties. However, in an act that one veteran civil rights lawyer on the scene called "highly irregular," Rove has gotten John Ashcroft's Justice Department to try to intervene by writing a letter to the court pushing them to let the blatant vote suppression tactics go on.

"The Justice Department is not a party to the case. They have not filed a motion to intervene in the case or filed an amicus brief," Gerhardstein said. "They volunteered information that goes beyond any federal interest. It's startling to say that challengers can bring information to [the official] poll watchers. That presumes they will bring in outside information. If you are a poll watcher, how are you going to evaluate that information on the spot?" Gerhardstein wondered.

There is a lot of power in being the incumbent. You have the massive resources and influence of the entire Federal government at your disposal. Sensing defeat in the air, the Bush team is now moving like the dark forces of Mordor to bring every weapon to bear. If they can't win in a straight up election by the people, by God they'll find a way to stop all of these upstart citizens from voting.

Stay tuned. This one will be decided by morning. If they lose, I have a sick feeling that the Supremes will be woken up at 2 am to order Ohio to allow the Bush team to keep as many blacks from the polls as possible.