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Thursday, November 04, 2004

It's the Media, Stupid.

posted by Jazz at 11/04/2004 03:14:00 PM


"Now what? First, we kill the media."
- Al Giordano

Today, from Latin America, Al Giordano attempts to answer the question of what went wrong on Tuesday. I've already gone on record as saying that nothing "went wrong" and that the system operated as it was designed. The problem lies in the perceptions of the populace. It's very hard to focus on enlightened thinking when you have a band of harpies and banshees screeching that you're all going to die.

Al, however, has some interesting perspectives on how matters of perception can go so very far astray.

Now that the American president really was elected, his gnawing sense of illegitimacy removed, his father's curse exorcized, his religious right flank empowered, and a hesitant world now falling to its knees to bow before him, watch out.

During the first four years, he and his gang restrained themselves from fully unleashing the repressive measures of the Patriot Act, knowing that it could cost them the election. The restraints are now gone.

More on the grassroots innovations of 2004: Activists united as never before, across racial and ethnic and class lines, avoiding the sirens of spoiler candidates and the easy cop-out path of the "pox on all houses, purer than thou" stance that, in the past, has kept them divided. So much was accomplished to try and save the Republic. In the end, though, it wasn't enough.

It's worth noting that Al and I hardly agree on every point. Our views on the drug wars differ in several notable areas. But I wouldn't want anyone to think that I agree with every single opinion of any writer I quote. The fact is, Giordano is a rugged individualist of journalism, and his analysis of the American political spectrum is drawn like a jagged rusty knife across the comfortable jugular of "accepted wisdom" which carries the bloodflow in so many of us. Check out his article, linked above, and judge for yourself.