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Monday, December 20, 2004

The Great Right Wing Conspir.... Flip Flop?

posted by Jazz at 12/20/2004 09:08:00 PM


Sometimes you have to stand in stark awe of a partisan's ability to take both sides of a story for their own benefit. However, it takes a special skill, even if you are on par with Bill O'Reilly, to do so in less time than it takes to digest two meals.

It was only this morning, at 8:45 am to be precise, that Betsy Newmark posted a piece which blamed the UN for the slaughter in Rwanda. I took issue with that, but for the sake of argument, let's just say that she was right. Let's allow that it was the fault of the UN that the horrid genocide in Rwanda took place.

Next, at 6:52 pm the same day, this same blog tells us that perhaps, as postulated by a piece in the Times, it was actually Bill Clinton's fault.

Mr. Lake readily acknowledged other unattractive features of American [under Bill Clinton] policy: that the State Department prohibited use of the word "genocide" for months, that the Pentagon refused to jam Rwandan broadcasts that guided the killing and that there had been warnings well ahead of time, including one from the Central Intelligence Agency, that a catastrophic human disaster was in the making.

Fair enough. So perhaps instead of (or in addition to) it being the UN's fault, it was the fault of the United States under the leadership of Bill Clinton. Lack of action in the face of evil, as some wise men have said, is surely evil itself under another name.

Then, in this very same article, not twelve hours later, we are given a comparison to the current situation in Darfur. (Which we have written about here before.)

This is so terribly tragic and I'm afraid it is happening again in Darfur. It seems as if the world waits for the U.S. to do something and if we don't do anything then everyone sits back and allows innocents to be slaughtered.

So let me get this straight... if nothing is done to stop genocide under the watch of Bill Clinton, it is the fault of the United States. But if nothing is done in an equally (or more) horrific situation in Darfur under the watch of George W. Bush, then it is the fault of "the rest of the world" (i.e. the UN) for waiting for us to take action? We have, admittedly, finally buckled under and used the word (*gasp*) "genocide", but we've done nothing of substance to stop this. Check any paper online. It is still going on in horrific measure.

I'm sorry, but does anyone else smell the putrid stench of hypocrisy rising like a dead squirrel that has floated for three days, soaking in a sewage plant no longer subject to federal pollution restrictions?