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Monday, December 20, 2004

Hillary Update

posted by Jazz at 12/20/2004 01:31:00 PM


I was reading this post over at Middle Earth Journal, which talks about a recent poll showing how Hillary would stack up in a presidential run against various GOP candidates. It had begun a conversation with Jill from Brilliant at Breakfast who suggested I should be reading more of Steve Gilliard's blog. (Steve is doing a lot of intensive digging on Rudy Guiliani's history which takes some of the shine off his apple.)

First to the numbers... it looks as if the public currently comes down seeing Hillary as a winner against Jeb Bush, George Pataki or Bill Frist. She comes in losing to Rudy or John McCain. Her support in her newly discovered "home" of New York has apparently shot up to sickening levels, with a 63% approval rating. I don't think that the GOP currently plans on even attempting to run a serious (read: invest money in) Senate election against her in '06 unless they can get a major, big gun to take her on. The only ones under discussion currently are Rudy, Pataki, or Colin Powell. Unfortunately, all three of them have as much as said that they don't want to put a dog into that fight. The fact is, a second Hillary Senate term may be unavoidable.

But on to the White House discussion. First of all, let me make myself clear. In '08, as usual, I'll be going with who I think the best candidate is for my personal beliefs and tastes... not which party they take the label of. I have no interest in Jeb Bush (YUCK) or Frist, nor any other neocon, theocon, or hawk that you might name. However, I will definitely take a moderate Republican who is conservative on economic issues and moderate/left on social issues. With Rudy in damage control mode, and Pataki just looking a bit too weak these days, that pretty much only leaves McCain among the ones under discussion. (So many other good candidates, like Olympia Snowe, Lincoln Chaffee and Christie Whitman just don't seem interested.)

For the Democrats, well... again I'd settle for a moderate long before Ted Kennedy. But the fact is, if you guys put up Hillary I will vote for a bit more conservative Republican than I normally would first, and if it's somebody from the Bush/Jesus crowd, I'll vote for a third party candidate. There are any number of other good Democrats out there who I will work for and support before you give me somebody like Tom DeLay or any evangelical bible thumper. I couldn't even begin to form a list.

The people that I would most like to see run for the White House are apparently never going to even try, so I will be left with picking out the least bruised apples from the basket. But trust me... two people are definitely off the table and will never come up for consideration of my support - Hillary and anyone with a surname of "Bush." (or Delay)