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Saturday, December 04, 2004

More on the 2004 Weblog Awards

posted by Jazz at 12/04/2004 08:09:00 AM


Some more thoughts follow on what's right and wrong with the awards, but first a couple more recommendations and observations.

First, of course, I'll continue my pitch to get you to support the candidacy of Joe Gandelman and The Moderate Voice in the "Best of the Top 2500 - 3500" category. This is probably the brightest spot in a generally dismal field of choices. (Joe is in first place as of this morning, by the way. Keep up the good work.)

Since the vast majority of candidates are pro-Bush, right wing blogs, you may not feel inclined to support a lot of them if you are a left winger, but there are still some other good ones. I would urge you to consider voting for Betsy Newmark in the "Best 250 - 500" category. Even if you don't much care for the right wing, Betsy is one of the least shrill and most reasonable voices from that side that I've found. Plus, she's a teacher. And while I'll admit to recoiling a bit from the idea of our nation's youth being instructed by somebody who thinks Bush is capable, you still have to give credit to anyone who takes on that job. Besides, it's good to know what the other side is up to. (Insert wry chuckle here) Betsy is also holding on to a slim lead at the moment. Give her some love, people.

Josh Marshall and Atrios are both up for "Best Overall Blog" and while they likely don't stand a chance in the heated rush of right wing voters, they could certainly use some support.

Jeff Jarvis is up for "Best Media Blog" and, while there were glaring omissions in the nominations for this category, he's very deserving, IMHO.

With all of that said, the choices are very disappointing. And I'm not just talking about the fact that we weren't nominated for best group blog. (An evil, conspiratorial oversight which I am confident will be the subject of a scathing New York Times editorial any day now.) I predicted when the nominations began that the choices were going to be heavily weighted to the right wingers, since Wizbang is a Bushie and most of the people visiting and nominating would be of a similar mind. The results, however, were not just weighted. They had a freaking aircraft carrier anchor tossed over the starboard (right) side.

There were glaring omissions in so many categories. Best New Blog, for example; where was James Wolcott? The Moderate Voice? Best Humor Blog. Again, no Wolcott, and ... NO TBOGG? Excuse me. Scrappleface is a fine blog, don't get me wrong. But a humor blog competition without Tbogg is a joke, plain and simple. The omission of Dave Barry was even worse. And for Best Media Blog (linked above) and Best Essayist, yet again, no Wolcott. (Are you seeing a pattern here?) And how about Joe Territo and Eric Zorn? Ah well, I suppose we should count ourselves lucky that Buzz Machine made it in.

All in all, rather sad. But it's still a fun exercise and you centrists and left wingers should join in the fun and make your voices heard to whatever extent possible.