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Friday, December 03, 2004

My weekend surprise

posted by Jazz at 12/03/2004 07:23:00 AM


One of the nice things about following the Carnival of Cats around is that every week it seems to land on a new and interesting blog. Some are not devoted to content that will keep me coming back, but often I find one that I wind up bookmarking and/or blogrolling. This week was a real treat, as it led me to The People's Republic of Seabrook. I'd seen the name linked in other places, of course, but had never taken the time to check it out. This is a really well laid out blog, though pretty squarely on the left side, with some great content. Seems to be frequently updated, also.

There is one recent post there which speaks to the complete load of horse hockey we have been fed concerning the Iraq invasion. You should take a look at "The Wrong War for the Wrong Reasons." I see that I'm not alone in being somebody who at one point reluctantly supported our efforts in Iraq, but now understands that it is a wasted venture which we need to rid ourselves of immediately.

Time for a reality check here, y?all. Terrorism in Iraq was NOT an issue until AFTER we invaded. There has never been ANY evidence connecting Saddam Hussein to 9.11. In effect, George W. Bush created the threat that American soldiers are now fighting and dying against. This is a war to protect our freedoms? How can any informed, intelligent American who has been paying attention come to this conclusion- in spite of the facts available? When are we going to admit that almost 1300 young Americans have died for NOTHING? The lives of our sons and daughters have been wasted to prop up the corrupt policy of an evil, venal President. Could the reality be any clearer? Of course, if you repeat something often enough, it eventually becomes the truth, right? Josef Goebbels clearly knew of which he spoke.

Some great graphics are included, and it closes with a rather piercing comment.

Perhaps when the history books are written, Americans will begin to realize how much and how often we were lied to. Uh, wait?Americans don?t actually read history books. After all, history is just one damn thing after another, right? In the meantime, congratulations, America?we have EXACTLY the quality of leadership we deserve. It?s just too bad it?s killing so many of our sons and daughters.

I invite you to read the entire entry and browse the site a bit. Well worth the time, in my opinion.