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Friday, December 31, 2004

New Years Resolutions and Changes

posted by Jazz at 12/31/2004 04:59:00 PM


As this will be my last post for the year of 2004, I felt that it should be something meaningful to me. As such, you may notice yet another change in the header. (If you don't see it, hit Shift - Refresh.)

For some time now I have been growing increasingly despondent over the direction that I've seen the Republican party taking. It was one of the primary reasons that I started this blog. I still believe very strongly in some of the old school, traditional values that the GOP used to stand for. Among these are policies of fiscal conservatism, the return of more power and responsibility to the individual states, shrinking the federal bureaucracy, and guarding the individual rights and privacy of citizens regarding their government.

While there are still a few Republicans in the government who seem to fight for these values, the numbers are vanishingly small and they are ironically referred to as "moderates" these days, when once they would have been traditional Republicans. But even so, as I watched the party's platform being highjacked by a new breed of neocons and theocons, veering towards a hawkish, intrusive, fundamentalists, I still maintained hope that the pendulum would swing back the other way sooner or later.

Then, on November 2nd, I felt as if I'd been dealt a serious blow. Not only were this new breed of Republicans successful in getting Bush back in office, but they seemed to take a sweeping victory across some parts of the nation where they previously did not. Bush is, in my opinion, arguably the worst President to ever sit in the Oval Office, and I find it staggering that this many people could support him. I promised myself at that time (and blogged about it here) that I wasn't going to make any hasty decisions or rash changes. I decided to give myself until the new year to see how I was feeling then.

The fact is, what I feel more than anything else is embarrassed. There really isn't a better word. I am, at this point, simply embarrassed to tell anyone that I'm a Republican. I can't even recognize the party anymore, and the damage that the GOP is doing to this country on more levels than I could possibly enumerate in one post is quite simply more than I can stand.

By the same token, there is still not enough going in the Democratic party to attract me to register with them. In reality, I had always been closer to an independent than anything else, and I registered with the Republicans because I agreed with a few more planks in their platform than the Dems. Plus I wanted to vote in the primaries. This is no longer a good enough reason to continue.

That is why, this week, with a great feeling of resignation, I made the decision to head down and change my registration and join Ron among the ranks of the independents. At least, that is, until somebody comes up with a viable centrist third party.

So, happy New Years to everyone. Thanks for reading this blog, and I hope we can all continue to work towards improving our government. Lord only knows how, though. Enjoy yourselves, and don't drink and drive! It's amateur night out there. You're better off just staying off the roads.

And before I forget, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Ron for all of the graphics work he's been doing for Running Scared, and Mike for all of his coding work on updating the format, and to Georg, Mu, and Tami for contributing to writing this blog all this time. I value this little place where we gather more than you can imagine, and look forward to better days ahead.