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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Careful With That Axle, Eugene

posted by Jazz at 1/08/2005 03:04:00 PM


As Bilbo once cautioned Frodo, you have to be very careful when you step out your door and onto the road. You never know where you might be swept off to. So it goes on the highways and byways of the blogosphere as well. (Caution: Decidedly non-political content ahoy.)

So there I was, innocently taking a stroll along Blog Street, USA. I stopped by the new site of Libertarian Girl. It seems that, only a few days after hanging up her shingle, and before the paint had even dried, she was viciously attacked (and probably rightfully so) by another blog I hadn't heard of... Why I Hate DC.

This attack spawned a fairly long comment flurry which can amuse you for a fair amount of time. In it, however, one comment caught my eye. It came from a poster with a handle of "Vixen." Now, seeing such a name, I naturally assumed (as I'm sure any of you would) that this person was some sort of expert on Santa's Reindeer. Being both an aficionado and connoisseur of all things Northpoleian, I had to stop by her blog, Brutal Honesty. Brutal it was, but some of her comments about cheating on every relationship she's ever been in kind of turned me off.

That did not, however, stop me from perusing her blogroll. (I'm such a perverted little peeping tom that way, I know.) That's when it hit me. The name just jumped off the page and burned through my eyes and into the back of my few remaining brain cells. Angela Bowers: Tales from under the bar. I was entranced, like the cobra staring into the eyes of the mongoose until it's just one second too late. I clicked. I read. I knew I'd found a winner.

Angela is in New York City and apparently is highly engaged in the various social circles of Gotham's drinking class. I wonder if we couldn't hook her up with NYC Babylon for some sort of debauchery filled bar crawl with live wi-fi blogging from each stop? I think people would pay good cash money to tune in.

While I go and make several new additions to the non-political section of my blogrolls, take a glance at Angela's blow by blow description (no... there's no oral sex involved, you pervs. Well... at least not that's mentioned) of her entire New Year's Eve. It shall be, as they say, worth the trip.