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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Communications Breakdown - Our Future Wars

posted by Jazz at 1/18/2005 09:00:00 AM


"Communication breakdown, It?s always the same, I?m having a nervous breakdown, Drive me insane!"
- Led Zeppelin

When the Bush administration gets caught up in a bunch of lies or secretive dealings, you would think that by now the first order of business would be to "Keep Dubya Off Camera!" Unfortunately this seems to be a lesson lost on the president's handlers, particularly when it comes to the recent Seymour Hersh article about Dear Leader's upcoming plans to smack the Iranians around a bit. (Which we commented on yesterday.) Unfortunately for the Bushies, the president and his top military brass were effectively confirming Hersh's claims at the same time as the DoD was denying them. This is from Lawrence DiRita at the DoD.
"Mr. Hersh?s article is so riddled with errors of fundamental fact that the credibility of his entire piece is destroyed. "
Joe Gandelman, as usual, has a long and detailed analysis of the contradictions showing up in this story. Give it a look.

Some other folks saw through it right away. For example, Norbizness (calling it a "non-denial"),

We'll get to Bush's statements in a moment, but first lets take a quick, fun look at the right side of the aisle and how they handled this mess. Conservative pundits and bloggers couldn't wait to pile onto these statements, once again claiming that Hersh was "full of it" and didn't know what he was talking about. (Do you remember these same bloggers singing this song when Hersh first broke the Abu Ghraib scandal?) Since it's always fun to watch the "Bush Must Never Be Wrong" crowd as they pile onto a scrum, let's see who was leading the march to convict Mr. Hersh this time.

Wizbang gleefully declares that Hersh "played fast and loose with the facts. (again)"

Silent Running cheers on the DoD and declares they have "ripped Seymour Hersh a new one the size of the Lincoln Tunnel."

Protein Wisdom tries to get funny with a sarcastic list of other "secrets" Hersh has received.

Even Betsy Newmark implies that Hersh has a problem with his facts and that a "smackdown" was administered to him by the DoD.

And we can't forget everyone's favorite lovable munchkin, Michelle Malkin. "Not that Seymour Hersh and his Kool-Aid drinkers in the "reality-based community" will accept it..." Hope that foot tastes good later, Michelle.

So, having enjoyed the gang tackle of Seymour Hersh from the right, what does the President have to say about this matter?

Bush Won't Rule Out Action Against Iran Over Nukes
President Bush said on Monday he would not rule out military action against Iran if that country was not more forthcoming about its suspected nuclear weapons program. "I hope we can solve it diplomatically, but I will never take any option off the table," Bush said in an interview with NBC News when asked if he would rule out the potential for military action against Iran "if it continues to stonewall the international community about the existence of its nuclear weapons program." Iran denies it has been trying to make nuclear weapons and says its nuclear program is geared solely to producing electricity.
Gee.. does anyone remember another famous liar named Saddam who kept fibbing and fibbing and fibbing and insisting he didn't have any WMD's? I'm not saying that Iran is or isn't guilty of building nukes, but you'd think these guys would get a little more cautious after the Iraq disaster.

Hersh reported Bush had signed a series of top-secret findings and executive orders authorizing secret commando groups and other Special Forces military units to conduct covert operations against suspected terrorist targets in as many as 10 nations in the Middle East and South Asia.

DiRita did not comment on that assertion.

Asked whether U.S. military forces had been conducting reconnaissance missions in Iran, Defense Department spokesman Lt. Col. Barry Venable said, "We don't discuss missions, capabilities or activities of Special Operations forces."

Ah, when will they ever learn. It takes a tremendous amount of skill and organization to lie to the press these days on a Federal level. I think we can add one more thing to the list of skills that are lacking in the Bush administration.

Some other people are having a bit of fun with this West Wing snafu. For example, The Left Coaster and Talk Left both have some interesting things to add. Give them a read, get out your popcorn, and enjoy the show as it unfolds.