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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Digit Day (and I missed it)

posted by Jazz at 1/12/2005 06:52:00 AM


Sunday was Digit Day, and I let it slip by without even noticing. Digit Day marks the anniversary of the last time that the calendar lined up the date in six alternating pairs of numbers. On Jan. 9, 1919, the numerical date was 1-9-1919. Prior to that, at least during America's history under our current government, it happened on Jan. 8, 1818 and Jan. 7, 1717. As a young man, I first saw this phenomena noted in a farmer's almanac.

Ours is the first generation in a very long time which will not see a Digit Day come round during the early part of the century. All four of my grandparents saw the last one, and my father just missed it, but I wasn't even thought of yet at the time. It would have been coming up in 2020, but the problem is, there is no February zero on the calendar. It obstinately rolls over from Jan. 31 to Feb. 1. The last time this occurred, William the Conqueror was only a gleam in his father's eye.

The next digit day will not happen until February 1, 2121, roughly 116 years from now. Some of you may have newborn children who will live to see it, given the way modern medicine is progressing, but it's highly unlikely that anyone reading this post today will do so. Until then, we're stuck with January 9th as the Digit Day anniversary.

Sometimes it's fun to sit back and try to imagine what life in America will be like when we finally get a new Digit Day. What will remain the same, and what will be different for John Q. Public? I imagine that there will be peaceful scenes across the country. On Sunday, Americans everywhere will wave to each other and smile as they walk to one of the three mandatory Christian church services per weekend. (They're walking because the oil is going to dry up towards the middle of this century and we seem to be in no hurry to find a new energy source.)

One of Jenna Bush's grandkids will be in the White House, and we'll be quietly fretting over the safety of Our Troops who are finishing the demolition of London and finally bringing "real" Democracy to those heathen Brits. (We'll be fretting "quietly" because public dissent against government policies will no longer be tolerated from all of you unpatriotic traitors. Blogs will be only a quaint memory of years gone by.)

Ah, it's a grand future indeed. Digit Day... I salute you.