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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

GOP Gains Ethics and Morality

posted by Jazz at 1/04/2005 10:55:00 AM


Ok... probably not. But it was a cute title, wasn't it? (Hat tip: Memeorandum)

The Times is reporting that recent unethical changes in the House ethics rules have been rescinded. You likely remember how these rule changes were put in place to protect the Bug Man from losing his top dog position in the House of Representatives if and when he is indicted for all of the hanky panky he's been up to back in the Lone Star State.
Lawmakers said the party had also abandoned a proposed ethics change that would have effectively eliminated the broad standard that lawmakers not engage in conduct that brings discredit on the House, a provision that has been the basis for many ethics findings against lawmakers.
Hurray for the GOP, and congratulations on attempting to at least keep up the appearance of propriety. However, before we get too teary-eyed in our admiration for them, let's put this in context. As we pointed out here previously, the Texas Republican Party has been hard at work on a two front strategy to pull DeLay's fat out of the fire.

On the one side, they have been working to get his case transferred away from that pesky District Attorney and into the hands of the friendly, Republican Attorney General who would likely just drop the case entirely. On a second front, they are moving to challenge the laws in question and try to get them changes so that DeLay's campaign finance shenanigans are suddenly legal.

It's also worth noting that they are not repealing the change which requires more than half of the ethics committee to agree before taking ethics action. This virtually assures that the ethics oversight will be a toothless lion from here on out.

In either event, this is a media ploy by the Republicans to try to bolster up their image. I'm betting that they have already sewn up the situation in Houston such that Bug Man will never be facing an indictment. There's absolutely no way that they are going to let their boy get taken down, no matter how many man-dates he's been on with his boss.

Poliblog thinks, "It stinks."

Chris Lawrence has nothing but praise for them, and thinks the Democrats took too long to revamp their ethics rules. Sheesh. Who's on trial here?

McQ is similarly full of praise for "removing a hammer from the Democrat bag with which they could have beaten the Republicans unmercifully."