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Monday, January 24, 2005

A Little Help

posted by Jazz at 1/24/2005 04:08:00 PM


While many might be loathe to assist any cause that diminutive neocon harpy Michelle Malkin supports, this merits some wide attention.

Jordan Zane Trimarchi was born last Tuesday with a 3.5 centimeter tumor in his lower left ventricle. Surgeons at Columbia Presbyterian Children's Hospital in New York City were able to remove some of the tumor, but not all of it. At this point, Jordan's only chance is a heart transplant--but that won't happen unless a suitable donor is found.

Jordan's father, Jeff Trimarchi, a regular reader of this blog, is asking the blogosphere to help get the word out. Jeff's e-mail address is More details are available at

This is a tiny baby that, as per the parents' website, only has a couple of days to live without a suitable transplant donor being found. (See link in quoted text.) The odds of anyone in the tragic position of being a potential donor family reading blogs at a time like this is vanishingly small, but with the wide audience that the blogosphere garners, there is a chance that somebody, somewhere knows a friend, neighbor, etc. where a match might be found.

I'll be the first to admit that, from my reading of Malkin's column and the posts and comments in blogs that link to her (her fans) a majority of them would likely not waste the bodily fluid to spit on a Kerry voter if they were on fire, but I think that this is a situation that goes past partisan lines. It's a time to show some of the neocons what the "compassionate" in compassionate conservative really means. It would be a "Good Thing" if this could be spread quickly across liberal blogs.

Yes, I know... Michelle is somebody who would rather see a woman die than get an abortion, and thinks it was a fine idea to lock up all the "Japs" during WW2. But this really isn't about her. It's about a family with a small child in trouble, and the possiblility that help might be found still exists. Please lend a hand if you can.