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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Sunday Storm Blogging

posted by Jazz at 1/23/2005 08:32:00 AM


Some things I like about Northeast winter storms. But first, a picture! (Click to enlarge.)

That was my front sidewalk at approximately 6:30 this morning, just after I finished shoveling. The area on the far side of the walk had been cleared previously, with only an inch or so of snow remaining there yesterday morning. The rest has fallen in the last 18 hours or so. Not too bad, really, and it was light, powdery stuff that wasn't too hard to shovel.

Ah well, on to some of the good points about this.

  • This has been an awfully mild winter so far and very hard on the resorts. We may finally have some decent ski conditions.
  • Arriving at the restaurant for Sunday breakfast, there was exactly one other customer there, so no worries about good seating or fast service!
  • The mountains here look absolutely gorgeous when they are covered in snow.
  • I get the satisfaction of seeing the young boys and girls out there every morning and evening, carrying their shovels, and hustling to earn some extra money. On days when my old knees complain too much, I employ them myself. That's how I earned a lot of my money as a young man, and in fact how I purchased my first car. It's good to see some ambitious young folks out there working for some cash.
  • Up North here, where people tend to actually know how to drive in these conditions, people tend to slow down, be more cautious, and generally get a lot more pleasant. Every time there is weather like this I see people out there volunteering to help total strangers if their cars get stuck or they are having trouble getting around.
  • Our SUV, which some bloggers like to make fun of so much, has plenty of weight and two grades of four wheel drive. We got out and around this morning with no troubles at all. Laugh at my SUV now, you bastards. If you're lucky I'll hook up the chains and pull your little hybrid out of that snow bank.