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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Back in the mail bag

posted by Jazz at 2/17/2005 07:48:00 AM


We get letters. Oh boy do we get letters. At times like this morning, however, I'm forced to look back at the words of Alexander Pope for some consolation.

Heaven first taught letters for some wretch’s aid,
Some banish’d lover, or some captive maid.

People e-mail all sorts of things to blog writers. There are actually a fair number of letters which are friendly and appreciatives. Others suggest news items we might want to blog about. I'm always happy to get those. Others have well thought out disagreements with some opinion which one of us may have posted. These can often spark a lively discussion of issues, and that's always a plus. Hell, even some of the flame infested hate mail from conservatives can be great fun to read.

Then again... some days you get letters like this. (The return e-mail address was bogus, so I won't bother including it here.)
running coward,

i hope you take this as a free advice the way it's intended. i"ve seen just about enough of your anti-american bullshit and hey, because of how great our country is, youve been free to write whatever you want to. to bad you dont appreciate the freedoms you have that other people fought and died for and are still doing today. but thait time is about over and if you have any brains atr all you will figure that out now whiel there is time. your time is coming. i don't want you to think this is a threat form me personally or anything because its not. the problems you have or are gonna have is with the governmnet. people like you who always talk shit about our great president and our brave troops in iraq are not just 'having opinion' like you say. you are actually putting lives of troops in danger with your unamerican bullshit. you do whats called giving aid to the enemy and lowering the spirit and survive ability of our troops. and thats gonna stop real soon. people like you need to be in jail and the courts are waking up tothis. have a nice time wiht your new cell mate frenchy.

Now, all comments on keyboard difficulty aside, what do you find the most alarming about this letter? Some initial suggestions... (but feel free to add in your own.)

  1. The person is probably old enough to vote, and you know who he voted for.
  2. With that level of writing ability, he probably can't read very well, so he's getting all of his news from Faux on "the tee vee."
  3. Yet another sign that Bush's supporters really don't care about freedom of speech or informed dissent, and they are buying into the whole "dissent = traitor" tag line.
  4. This guy actually earned enough money someplace to buy a computer.
  5. The invention of the paragraph eluuuuuuuuudes him.
  6. It wasn't that alarming, Jazz... he was nice enough to insinuate that you are French.

You make the call.