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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Held Accountable

posted by Jazz at 2/01/2005 03:32:00 PM


In a bit of a pre-emptive launch prior to the State of the Union address tomorrow, Nancy Pelosi decided to step forward and try to put some pressure on The Worst President Everâ„¢ today.

"What the president says, the president will be held accountable for."

Oh really? Is that so? So you're going to hold him accountable now, are you?

Excuse me for spewing a bit of vitriol at the Democrats for a moment here, but I have to take issue with this. Now you're going to hold him accountable? When exactly are we going to be seeing BushCo held "accountable" for the MIA WMD's? For the mushroom cloud on the horizon? For the lack of any substantive connection between Saddam and bin Laden and 9/11? For more than 1,400 American dead who were lost proving those claims false and God only knows how many more "spreading freedom" across those desert sands? Is that on the back burner? Somewhere further down the agenda?

I know there are some of you saying, "But Jazz... there's nothing they can do! They are the minority... the GOP is calling all the shots." Excuse me, but... boo fucking hoo. This tyrant "won" the last election by a smaller margin than any incumbent in history. Truman beat Dewey by a bigger share. We lost that election by putting up a man who essentially beat himself. If you'd nominated my dog Kenya she'd probably have taken Ohio and Florida against this walking, misunderestimated disaster of a "president."

And it wasn't just the presidential race. The message was garbled and lost on a pack of frightened red state sheep who bought into Karl Rove's visions of darkness and Armageddon. Even giving Bush four more years, he could have been brought in check if the GOP had been forced to surrender the Senate. Hell, for that matter, just getting up to a tie would have done it since that would have given some cojones to Snowe, Chaffee, and some other moderate Republicans.

It's fine to say you're going to "hold Bush accountable" now that the lion has no teeth left. I hate myself for casting stones on a situation where I have no solution to offer, but it seems that the horse has already left the barn on this one. The Democrats certainly need to be a true "opposition" party as a minority, but somebody smarter than me needs to come up with a better action plan than rhetoric. This maniac is going to invade Iran by this summer the way things are going. If we don't want to wind up fighting a war against the entire world (except possibly Bush's lap dog in England) a better plan is required.