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Friday, February 25, 2005

Hillary's been drinking the water overseas, I see

posted by Jazz at 2/25/2005 10:07:00 AM


Mahablog has an excellent take on the recent dodging and weaving of Hillary Clinton, and asks the question, "Can we agree that Hillary Clinton is not going to be the 2008 presidential nominee?"

First, she provides some of the quotes from Senator Clinton's weekend talk show stops as she tours Iraq, Afghanistan and, apparently, Mars. She was asked about the prospect of permanent United States military bases in Iraq.

No, but I think that we should take this sort of one step at a time...

...We are going to be negotiating with the new Iraqi government. The Iraqi government could turn around any time and say, “We want you to leave.” I don't see any indication of that, but it could happen.

The Iraqi government could say, “We want you to be here with a certain kind of footprint.” But until the Iraqi government is stood up and operating, I think it's a little premature for us to be talking about what they and we may decide to do together.

There's some telling insight in those remarks, and Mahablog once again manages to shine a bright light on the cockroaches of politics.

On one hand, she’s not coming out in favor of permanent bases.

But on the other, she’s covering for Bush by saying we’re not already on that path, when we clearly are.

When Hillary brought the "Carpetbagger 2000" campaign into my home state for one of our Senate seats, I opposed her for reasons which I felt, and still feel, were fully valid. However, she won the election fair and square and you have to give the winner a chance. Since then, she's actually managed to do some things which had me wavering and wanting to give her the benefit of the doubt. (Helping out a local soldier who was shafted by the army upon returning home, pushing for some sensible voting reform legislation, etc.) But then she turns around and does something like this.

I leave you with Mahablog's last word on the subject, since I couldn't say it better myself.
No more of this shit. No. more. of. this. shit.