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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Indexing George and Dick's Next Excellent Adventure

posted by Jazz at 2/09/2005 05:00:00 PM


Since it seems that Dubya (and his new "Mouth of Mordor" Condi) are serious about greasing the skids for his next invasion, we may as well get serious also. I'll try to keep an index of information about Bush's designs on Iran in a single post which we can update as needed. So, in chronological order, oldest to newest...
  • Pot... Kettle... etc. (2/6/05)Tehran hears Bush's accusations about their country and don't buy it.
  • Something burning on the horizon. (2/7/05) David Kay points out the similarities between this rhetoric and the ramp up the Iraq invasion, providing a blueprint on how not to make the same mistakes.
  • Iran: Thanks, but no thanks. (2/8/05)Tehran warns Bush and Israel against bombing their reactors.
  • The real way to work for change in Iran. (2/8/05) A Nobel Peace Prize winner from Iran explains why invading her country won't help anyone there.
  • There are other steps... (2/9/05) Condi does more saber rattling and lets Iran know just what Bush has in mind for them.
  • Iran pushing back. (2/10/05) Iranian president denies weapons, vows to keep peaceful nuclear technology. German chancellor says they will NOT support an American attack on Iran.
  • War on tyrants. The next move? (2/10/05) An editorial by Steve Weissman on how Bush moved from the "war on terror" to the "war on tyrants." Good reading.
  • Iran: Driving reformers into the arms of hardliners. (2/11/05) Ron takes a look at a Juan Cole piece explaining how Bush is chasing the wrong bad guy here.
  • The Five Morons. (2/12/05) An editorial analysis of how the Bush administration has shifted the blame for the failures in Iraq and how they might affect Iran.
  • Sunday Iran Update. (2/13/05) Washington commisions a new "Intelligence" estimate on Iran, the Germans call for diplomacy and a petition to the UN is started over this.
  • Don't you just miss the cold war? (2/18/05) Russia speaks up on Iran's behalf, declares partnership for peaceful nuclear ambitions.
  • More Sugar, Less Vinegar (2/23/05) Bush declares rumors of Iran attack "ridiculous" along with an excellent Lighthouse article on relations with Syria and Iran.
  • Kharazi: West ignores realities in Iran (2/24/05) The Iranian foreign minister talks about American double standards and lack of cultural understanding.