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Sunday, February 20, 2005

The Love Festival Drowns in Sweetness

posted by Jazz at 2/20/2005 09:24:00 AM


This morning's Meet the Press found Senators Hillary Clinton (D - NY) and John McCain (R - AZ) sitting in lawn chairs in Baghdad chatting with Tim Russert. If one thing became clear, it was that both McCain is firmly in the middle of the political spectrum, as he always has, but Hillary sounded like she was just appointed to a cabinet position in the Bush administration.

Rather than sticking to stressing the need to get our troops out of there, she began a speech which was apparently written by Karl Rove, stressing the need for "not setting a firm date for withdrawal" and how that would give a "green light to the terrorists." When McCain was asked how long he thinks it will take to train and equip enough Iraqi forces to take over for American troops, he just said, "years."

What was more interesting was the end of the interview. Russert first asked McCain, [NOTE: quotes are approximate being transcribed as I watched.] "Do you think that the woman to your right would make a good president?" McCain went on to gush about how Hillary "would make a great president, but I'm a Republican and would, of course, support a Republican candidate."

Tim then turned it around and asked Hillary if she thought McCain would make a good president. Her response was almost identical, praising McCain, laughing... I was waiting for her to slip him the tongue. They both bent over backward to not give any solid confirmation that they were going to be running for the White House in 2008, but Russert called them out claiming, "We're seeing a fusion ticket here!" Hillary kept on laughing and said, "We're both in trouble now."

It was borderline sickening. Hillary is trying to go through a metamorphosis on screen. McCain is, at least, being genuine. But his comments on Iran were sounding more and more warlike. Both Senators were talking about how to "straighten out" Russia's leader, Mr. Putin, on the subject of Iran. Neither was willing to take a military strike against Iran "off the table."

The 2008 presidential election has apparently truly begun, and this type of posing isn't going to help our country at all.