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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Men are from Mars. Women are from... Newark?

posted by Jazz at 2/15/2005 07:03:00 AM


Michael Gurion has bravely stepped forth to risk the wrath of womankind everywhere, releasing his new book, "What could he be thinking?" He seeks to make the case that men and women truly are different, and the reason is completely biological/genetic.
[Gurion] believes there are about a hundred structural differences that have been identified between the male and female brain.

"Men, because we tend to compartmentalize our communication into a smaller part of the brain, we tend to be better at getting right to the issue," he said.

"The more female brain (will) gather a lot of material, gather a lot of information, feel a lot, hear a lot, sense a lot," he said.

Scientists say males have more activity in mechanical centers of the brain, whereas females show more activity in verbal and emotional centers.

One example he cites is a rather disturbing one, if you think about it. But I think it's something that most of us have observed in real life.

The differences can be noticed from early childhood, Gurian said, such as when an adult gives a child a doll.

"That doll becomes life-like to that girl, but you give it to a two-year-old boy and you are more likely, not all the time, but you are more likely than not to see that boy try to take the head off the doll," he said.

"He thinks spatial-mechanical. He's using the doll as an object".

That last bit could really explain a lot. I mean, there's a lot of scumbag woman beaters out there. Did somebody give them a doll to play with when they were kids? Stick to the toy trucks cowboy hats, parents.

The article goes on to say that the differences are genetic, and tries to try to pinpoint exactly where the split happens.

It all boils down to genes, according to Dr. Marianne Legato Partnership for Gender Specific Medicine Columbia University.

Women are born with two X chromosomes, and men with an X and a Y.

"And on that Y chromosome are at least 21 unique genes unique to males which control many of the body's operations down to the level of the cells," Dr Legato said.

She also said those genetic differences explain other differences, like why men can drink more alcohol than women without becoming intoxicated.

"Women do not have the enzyme in their stomach that degrades alcohol which men have," she said.

Unfortunately it doesn't explain why some men leave the toilet seat up, or some women can't take out the garbage.

That's odd... I always thought that women were fully capable of drinking just as much as men, but chose not to because they saw the men acting like drunken idiots. Live and learn.