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Friday, February 11, 2005

Mission Statement

posted by Jazz at 2/11/2005 01:56:00 PM


Do you remember the Tom Cruise movie, Jerry Maguire? Most of the movie was fairly bland to me, but in the beginning, Jerry is in a mad frenzy in his home. He's pacing back and forth, wearing a path in the carpet. He's chewing through pencils. Inspiration strikes, and he's at his computer writing in a mad frenzy.

The end result? His mission statement for his sports agency. He has a vision of making less money, but doing better for their clients. For a new, enlightened vision that will take them forward into the future, less concerned with corporate profits and bottom lines, but more in tune with the needs of humanity.

Of course, this results in everyone edging carefully away from him... and he gets fired.

I saw an editorial cartoon this week which pictured Howard Dean, holding hands with a donkey, leaping from the roof of the DNC building. He's screaming, "WE CAN FLY!" and the donkey has a petrified look on its face and is yelling, "AAAARRGGHHHH!"

This got me to thinking... I'm not a political party visionary who could structure the future for a minority party in need of a new vision. But I'm betting some of you are. What is the mission statement that Dean needs to write which won't send the Dems screaming off of a cliff? The voices I hear from around the Democratic community have some people giddy with excitement, but others seem to have a hollow sunken look in their eyes, saying, "Good God. What have we done?"

What is Dean's mission statement? The comment section is too small for something like that, so please feel free to blog it elsewhere and I'll link to it. Or e-mail it to me if you don't blog and I'll post it here. Seriously, though... what is the message? What is the mission? The GOP neocons are rising like Titans to rampage across the land. If Dean is to lead them out of the desert, he's going to need ten commandments carved from the native stone that will gather the flocks together.

What does that message need to be?