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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Where is the outrage?

posted by Jazz at 2/24/2005 09:35:00 AM


That's the question which Mark Shields posed this week. At first I was sure that he was talking about Iraq. Or possibly the saber rattling at Iran, Syria and now, apparently, Russia. But no... Shields is talking about Enron.
"Either we are losing our capacity for moral outrage, or George W. Bush is presiding over the ultimate Teflon Administration."
This brings up a question and an observation. First of all, the timing of this column is certainly curious. How long have we known each and every detail of the Enron scandals? This news is years old. I'm not sure what prompted this sudden surge of righteous indignation, though it's certainly worthy of concern. Some of the legal wrangling is still going on over Enron, but it's mostly faded off the radar.

This brings me to the observation. Were was the outrage? Compared to all of the supposed horrors perpetrated by Democrats during the 2004 election - Kerry's "treasonous" war record from the Vietnam years, the "unfair" financing of his campaign by - Enron put them all to shame. So Shields raises a valid question. Why is it that the right wingnuts are so good at motivating the MSM into a frothing rage over anything that a liberal does, but when conservative supporters do something that should really have God Almighty turning them to pillars of salt, the media seems to shrug it off?

I don't know about where you live, but most of my friends were plenty damned outraged over the Enron situation. The only ones who seemed to treat it as a non-starter were the major papers and television. Is it just because we've lowered our expectations of the neocons so far that literally nothing they do can surprise or shock us anymore?

Right wing blogs are tremendously effective at mobilizing the masses of the Bush faithful and getting the MSM to follow them like puppies. Why is it so hard for liberals to do the same? Particularly with the massively "librul" media that we're constantly hearing about, you'd think that the television and news outlets would be reacting in exactly the opposite fashion.

Something's rotten in Denmark, and I don't just mean George W. Bush being in the area this week.