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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Your Sunday Iran Update

posted by Jazz at 2/13/2005 06:16:00 AM


Thanks to Bill in D.C. for sending us this link. It seems that our friends in Washington are working on yet another National "Intelligence" Estimate while they continue to bait Tehran.

The intelligence community is conducting a broad review of its Iran assessments, including a new look at the country's nuclear program, the future of its ruling clerics and the impact of the Iraq war on Tehran's powerful position in the region, according to administration officials and congressional sources.

Two separate reports -- a wide-ranging National Intelligence Estimate and a second memo focusing exclusively on Tehran's chemical, biological and nuclear capabilities -- will reflect an updated consensus within the intelligence community. The documents are meant to guide the Bush administration as it continues to deliberate on a policy for dealing with Iran and its nuclear ambitions.

Sound familiar? It should. But don't worry. We couldn't possibly make the same mistakes we made in Iraq, could we?
A senior administration official said yesterday that there will be "a rigorous scrubbing of the intelligence" before the new Iran assessment is complete, and that "extreme care" will be taken in reaching conclusions.
Well, I certainly feel better. How about you?

Meanwhile, those pesky Germans are still up to their old tricks. Can you believe that, once again, they are pushing for the radical move of actually *gasp* talking to the Iranians and attempting to use diplomatic methods to avert a Bush generated "crisis?"

Germany, France and Britain are leading European efforts to persuade Iran to drop activities that could be used to develop nuclear weapons, and have been offering technical assistance and trade talks as incentives.

"I strongly encourage the U.S. administration to actively support the Europeans' diplomatic efforts," German Defense Minister Peter Struck told a security conference.

The United States has worried Europeans by refusing to rule out military strikes if diplomacy fails. Washington has urged the Europeans to take a tougher line by threatening Tehran with U.N. sanctions.

"We must overcome Iran's massive isolation, for Iran will only abandon its nuclear ambitions for good if not only its economic but also its legitimate security interests are safeguarded," he said.
Meanwhile, some people are attempting to take a "first strike" approach to stopping Bush's grand plans of adventures. You have the opportunity to sign a petition to the UN asking them to take a stand on this insanity before it spins out of control.

The text of the petition reads as follows:

To: United Nations General Assembly

We, the undersigned, urge you, the members and officers of the United Nations General Assembly, to pass a resolution against and to use all of your diplomatic and political powers to prevent an attack on the sovereign nation of Iran by the United States of America and/or her allies.


This effort was just begun this weekend, and there are already more than 7.5K signatures.

Later this week, we'll be looking at ideas for a grass roots effort to force the Senate to grow a spine and not let Bush walk all over them on this.