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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Carnival of the Cats: Feb. 6, 2005

posted by Jazz at 2/06/2005 11:23:00 AM


Welcome to this week's edition of the fabulous, famous, traveling feline road show. First, I would like to thank Laurence, who originally founded the carnival, for allowing us to host it. We'll try not to disappoint. Also, as a reminder of things to come, next week's carnival shall be hosted at The Conservative Cat. If your entry did not make it up for some reason, please e-mail me directly today and I'll edit in other additions later this evening.

And now, as they say under the big top, the show must go on. So awaaaaaaaay we go! Remember to click on any local images for full size pictures. (And also please note that these are in no particular order at all.)

Speaking of Laurence, his cat Edloe seems to not grasp the difference between cat collars and pasta. Hey, after a couple of cocktails I've made the same mistake, Ed. Don't feel too bad.

Some more activity from around the House of Jazz. What on earth is Spider trying to do with her foot?

Lots of good stuff from The Oubliette this week. Cleo and George in an adoptive relationship. (They have a female cat named "George". Since my wife's name is Georg, I was a sucker for this story.) She also provides some beautiful cat literature for our reading pleasure and poetry in the form of A Modest Cat's Soliloquy. You really need to read these. Simply purrrrrfect.

Mike's cat Charlie takes advantage of these cold winter days to catch up on his reading. Unfortunately, Charlie takes offense and hides in a hat. (This one was too cute not to include.)

Next, we meet Charlie's nemesis, the new kitten in town, Seamus.

enrevanch updates us on Mr. Gato. This cat has a shoulder sitting routine which regularly makes most pirate captain's parrots green with envy. (Oh... ok. Some of the parrots were already green.)

Brilliant at Breakfast reveals Maggie at the cat condo. I wonder if there's a hot tub?

Prophet or Madman brings us Otis and Milo sleeping in a perfect, two cat imitation of the Ying Yang symbol. I have never gotten a group picture of my cats this perfect.

Our very own Mu provides us with a photo of his cat Zulu in what he describes as "her best stalking mode." Funny.... when my cats look like that it seems to be their best "napping mode." Or possibly their best, "I hope he drops that tuna sandwich" mode.

Elms in the Yard brings us a story of a chance encounter between a woman in Jerusalem and a very demanding cat.

The People's Republic of Seabrook leaves me wondering if Boo just might have a drinking problem. Remember, kids... friend don't let friends purr drunk.

Here's a shot of another of my crew. Pepe is a wonderful cat, but sometimes he can make it very hard to watch TV.

Aunt Holly gives lessons in Feline Etiquette. All we can say is, "awwwwwww."

Lab Kat delivers a "three-fer" of Coby, Pixel and Pica. If you don't fall in love with Pica, you have a heart of stone.

Meanwhile, over at White Pebble, I get the feeling that you wouldn't want to try to take the chair away from Lucy. Sometimes cats can just warn you with a glance.

Athenamama has provided a retrospective of beautiful shots of Athena. Well worth your time. (In memoriam.)

Miss O'Hara's cat, Remington, boldly steps out to brave the blizzard. This is one beautiful cat.

Striving for Average finally answers the question burning in so many of your hearts. Do cats really use online dating services?

From NYC Babylon, MJ Cat not only poses for the camera, but answers e-mail questions on life, the universe, and everything. Will this cat replace Dear Abby?

The Conservative Cat provides us with proof that Ferdinand is interesting no matter which angle you photograph him from. But he also leaves us with a mystery... who is The Interloper? (Cue scarey music.)

At Watermark... the touching story of a cat, a horse, and ... a dream of world peace. (If you thought that sentence was heading someplace dirty you need to wash your brain out with soap.)

From The Secret Museum... Pushkin is up to something, but we're not quite sure what.

In the land down under, Millstone and Spooky seem to be in a battle of cuteness. The story of how Millstone got his name is worth the trip alone.

Leslie's Omnibus has links for cat pictures, an upcoming catshow, and important information on feline health.

Bloggg has a photo journal of a dog attempting to wash Feak the cat. Feak is less than thrilled.

CathColl experiences the pride and joy of little Emily growing up.

Over at SilverBlog, Bucky seems to have not quite grasped the real meaning of "mousepad." Well, perhaps he can clean the monitor.

Martinipundit breaks the news that Chloe and Daphne are seeking new sleeping arrangements. (Don't panic.. this is not a story heading for divorce.) If I tell you that a giant Oscar Mayer Weinermobile is involved, please don't let that scare you off either.

NEWS FLASH from maggie's meanderings: "Fat Cat Eggs on Dog." Don't you just hate news ledes like that?

From Cascade Exposures: Pepper, Spectra and the Sinister Squirrel. I saw these photos and immediately thought of that fat squirrel in my back yard. Perhaps I can ship him over there.

Ogre's cat Rusty is in a race. It's a race to see who can sleep longer. Sorry, but in any race of this type between human and cat, the cat is winning hands down every time.

Be sure to check out this week's continuing adventures of Tiny, at Sisu, for ball practice and predatory behavior.

Mind of Mog has Psycho Cat spending a beautiful day rolling in the catnip.

Music and Cats has a collection of felines, and the psychoanalysis of cat bloggers.

That's it for this week, folks! Enjoy the show... and if you really love the Carnival of Cats, be sure to stop by Laurence's blog where it all started and give him some love.