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Monday, August 02, 2004

About the Authors

posted by Jazz at 8/02/2004 09:30:00 AM


Note: Each blogger's opinion is his, her, or its own, and may not necessarily reflect the views of any of the other bloggers on Running Scared. Jazz has been working on honing the mindwiping and assimilation techniques, but so far they've failed miserably on these cusses.

Jazz is a corporate sales & marketing editor, web content developer and occasional freelance writer. Having sold his soul to mind-numbing advertising drivel, he was forced to flee to the blogosphere for a creative outlet and to feed his unhealthy addiction to politics.

Mu is a German who came to the USA in the early 1990s and somehow got stuck. He's now gainfully employed as chemist and engineer, working on stuff from NASA satellite paint to the recycling of B2 bombers. When he's actually using his intellect, he tends to waste it on building computers and playing games on them.

Georg (blog 1) (blog 2)
Georg is for better or worse the wife of Jazz. She considers herself to be radical for a liberal, but tempers her idealism with a heavy dose of cynicism.

Ron Beasley (blog)
Ron is the editor of Middle Earth Journal. "I'm an engineer forced into retirement to do what I really wanted to do anyway, digital art. I am a registered Independent and have been most of my life. Realized in the early 70s that my government was lying to me about the Vietnam War, and have assumed it was lying to me since then."

The One True Tami (blog)
The One True Tami is the sort of woman who likes to spout opinions in forums where other people can see them. This is in the hopes that someone, somewhere will believe her. So far, no dice, but she continues to hold on to that dream. If you're very nice, she may allow you to shower her with gifts and tribute.

Mike (blog) (linklog)
Mike, a legal assistant, bibliophile, and movie nut, is slowly being dragged kicking and screaming into his thirties. He may (usually) be a commie pinko bleeding heart liberal, but keeps up on and muses about politics and news from a firmly Blue oasis in the red sea of the Midwest — Chicago, Illinois.

I'm from Upstate New York, currently living in North Carolina but hoping to move back to a sane state soon. I'm a registered Independent with slight leanings to the left, but I really don't trust either party. As Sting once sang back in the 80's, 'there is no monopoly of common sense on either side of the political fence.'. I'm a mom to a wonderful little boy and I have been writing the worlds greatest novel for the last 5 years. Someday I hope to write more than one page of said novel.