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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

It's Time I Made a Full Disclosure

posted by Mike at 1/25/2005 01:07:00 AM


With regards to Jazz's post below entitled "We Get Letters":

There are generally a bunch of things linked from the right hand column of Running Scared. They change often. NONE of them... and I mean absolutely zero, are paying customers. They are things that I feel are worth linking. Even the rest of the bloggers here don't put any links to any organizations (except possibly other bloggers they like) on this page without talking to me first. It's just things that I (or we) feel supportive of. Not paid.

If this ever changes in the future, I will loudly proclaim it first, but nothing you see there is a paid ad.

Now that this has all come to light, I should disclose my weekly salary from Jazz Enterprises, Ltd. of $100,000, and that $25,000 stipend I demand of each link I manage to sneak into the sidebar under Jazz's nose. And Jazz, you just thought I was doing that CSS work out of the goodness of my heart, didn't you!

Furthermore, my endorsement of George Lakoff in an earlier blog entry came at a price of $15,000 (in rolls of nickels) and 100 free copies of his book, and I'm getting a paid stipend of 10 Pizza Hut gift certificates per week from the Dean for DNC Chair campaign to occasionally plug him here.

I'm seeing if I can swing something with the Bush administration for a combo package of two "Get Out of Draft FREE" cards and $100,000. Hey, it's not Armstrong Williams' kind of money, but I don't have his stature. So if you see me suddenly defending that son of a b—

*phone rings* Be right back.

Where was I? Oh, yes. So if you see me suddenly coming to my senses and realizing that Bush and Cheney have our best interests at heart and are merely exercising calm and responsible leadership in a time of w— pardon me for a second.

[slightly distant retching noise]

I'm sorry, I'll have to come back to that thought in a later blog entry.

Anyway, any telephone inquiries about these arrangements should be directed to my business manager, whose telephone number is (800) 282-2882.